Road to automate Html5 video with Webdriver (Selenium)

In this post I will show you how to automate HTML5 video.  To automate this we will use java scripts function to control video. So here we use “document.getElementById("Video ID")” , it return the HTML 5 video object. Using this object we can simulate video. Following are some java script function to handle video.
1. Play video
            document.getElementById("Video ID").play();  

2. Pause video
            document.getElementById("Video ID").pause() ;         
3. To check video is paused or not use below code
            document.getElementById("Video ID").Paused;           
4. To increase volume
            document.getElementById("Video ID").volume=0.5;    
5. To reload video
            document.getElementById("Video ID").load();            
6. To replay from stating or forward and back playing video. You can set current playing time.
            document.getElementById("Video ID").currentTime=0 
            document.getElementById("Video ID").currentTime=10
            document.getElementById("Video ID").currentTime=20
7. To check video is muted.
            document.getElementById("Video ID").muted

Example: here is example of Webdriver to automate html 5 video, I am using JavascriptExecutor class to execute java script code.
public class HtmlVideo {
public WebDriver driver;
public void testVideo() throws InterruptedException
 driver = new FirefoxDriver();
 JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
 //play video
 js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").play()");
 //pause playing video 
 js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").pause()");
 //check video is paused
 System.out.println(js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").paused"));
 js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").play()");
 // play video from starting
 js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").currentTime=0");
 //reload video
 js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").load()");


  1. //check video is paused
    System.out.println(js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").paused"));

    Above line is throwing Null Pointer exception

  2. @Sasi, You've given wrong id ie: video. May the video you're testing doesn't have that id. check again

  3. System.out.println(js .executeScript("document.getElementById(\"video\").paused"));

    returns null value. it does not return the status of the video

    Other functions Play/pause/load/currentTime works fine

    CAn you please help

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. U can use xpath to find WebElement first and then use
    executor.executeScript("arguments[0].play();", el);


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